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MAPS® is an innovative real estate and architecture consulting firm. We redefined the industry by creating the role of a compliance partner.


At the heart, our mission at MAPS is based in service to our clients and community. We are passionate about affecting positive change in the business of real estate, architecture and construction. 

We started MAPS to bring clarity and discipline to the regulatory process for the entire life cycle of any project. Similar to the law, building codes are there to systematize how architects design buildings for the safety of the public. We embrace this responsibility from the outset, collaborating closely with project teams to incorporate permit strategy and code compliance into project management and design, delivering better outcomes and reducing costs.

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Our Story

Through many years of experience in the field of architecture, we often observed significant inefficiencies in the management of entitlement processes for permitting, code review and licensing. We launched in 2014 in the West Loop with the dream of changing the way we deliver projects in the City of Chicago. 

Notable developers gave us a chance early on to prove our value - and we delivered. Our success and high level of service paved the way for consistent growth in the years to follow. Today, our dream is reality as we are recognized as the premier firm in our industry.

Collaborator Highlights

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  • Management Firm
  • Morrison Architectural Planning Strategies, LLC (MAPS®)

    Doing Business As (DBA): MAP Strategies, LLC
  • Licensed Design Firm
  • MAP Studio, LLC (MAP Studio™)

    Doing Business As (DBA): Artman Studio, LLC
  • City of Chicago Expeditor License 2704408
  • Women Owned Business (WBE) with Cook County, Illinois 
  • WBE Vendor Consultant with Illinois Capital Development Board (CDB)
  • WBE with State of Illinois Central Management Services (CMS)