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Code Presentation: Getting Ahead Of Design and Cost Impacts

2022 0112 Ideas Post
Jan 13, 2022
Ed Feibel

Our Code Team is happy to share our expertise with your team regarding the Chicago Building Code (CBC) and how it can impact your projects. With the ever-changing and updating modernization of the CBC, it is our mission to educate our community in real-time so that there are no surprises in the permitting process.

We have prepared a series of code presentations summarizing both the updates and transition to the new, 2019 building code, from the previous version, as well as a brief 1-hour presentation on the most current updates to the code, documenting the issues and major changes that have been made since its adoption.

Our presentation on the transition and differences between the old and current versions of the code runs through what is needed to perform a brief code analysis or code matrix for a building. We walk through samples to show how to determine the height and area limitations of a proposed building, as well as compare and contrast the differences between buildings built or designed under the old versus the new building code. The presentation also highlights the changes made to the construction types and some different requirements based on the height and occupancy classification of the building. This presentation is eligible for continuing education credits, as we are an AIA-approved provider.

We also have prepared a 1-hour presentation highlighting new changes to the code, including the number of means of egress, standpipe systems, and the occupant load calculations for assembly uses within other occupancies. This presentation also reviews the updates to the accessibility codes that are applicable to projects in Chicago, including the Chicago Accessibility Code, the Illinois Accessibility Code, and the ADA, as well as what the safe harbor requirements are for Chicago projects.

We can also tailor or customize presentations to topics that are relevant to your office and work. We just need some time to develop the slides and topic before giving the presentation. These presentations can also be tailored to provide CES credit if an applicable topic is chosen.