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DNC Street Opening Moratorium

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Mar 01, 2024
Ed Feibel

The Chicago Department of Transportation has released a memo regarding street openings and the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Additionally CDOT has issued a memo updating the intent behind the completion of projects as well as how perimeter restoration agreements (PRA) are being enforced.

A new moratorium is being enforced between July 22nd, at 6:00AM through August 26, at 9:30AM, for work in two separate areas, one from the intersection of N. Western Ave and W. Grand Ave south on Western to W. Van Buren, east on Van Buren to S. Ashland Ave, and then North on S. Ashland to W. Grand (the area around the United Center) and the other from the easternmost point of E. Roosevelt Rd, east on Roosevelt to S. Clark St, south on Clark to W. 18th St. west on 18th to S. Wentworth Ave, South on Wentworth to S. LaSalle St, south on LaSalle to W. 35th St, and then east on 35th St. until it meets Lake Michigan (the area around McCormick Place). See the image below for a map of the two moratorium areas.


During the moratorium period, no street openings or traffic obstructions will be permitted and all existing permits will be revoked. Any exception to this must be requested in writing from the CDOT Permit office, with the requests being directed to Assistant Commissioner Bryan Gallardo (

CDOT has also reiterated in a formal memo that PRA work must meet the timelines set forth in the agreements. Generally all openings must be temporarily restored within 7 days of the completion of work. Final restoration must be completed within 14 days of the temporary restoration, and pavement markings must be provided within 48 hours of the final restoration. This means that all openings must be fully restored within 23 days of work being completed. The most common exception to this is winter conditions, which allows for openings to remain while the asphalt plants are closed for the winter, however the final conditions must be fully completed by May 31st of the following year. If the work is not completed, per the Chicago Municipal Code, Section 10-20-155, the entity that is responsible for the opening can be fined $5,000.00 a day that the opening has not been fully repaired.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance with any work occurring within the Public Way in the City of Chicago.