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Landscape Ordinance and Inspections

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Feb 14, 2024
Ed Feibel

DPD has released new updates on the approval process for compliance and city inspections for the Landscape Ordinance.

For projects that are required to comply with the landscape ordinance, such as renovated businesses, new commercial buildings, or large residential buildings there is a new process for calling for/performing inspections and requesting the landscape deposit refund. This includes the installation of parkway trees, screening at parking lots, and other similar plantings.

Once the project has been completed and all landscaping has been completed, including the planting of all vegetation, an inspection must be performed and documented.

If the city is performing the inspection, an email must be sent to to schedule the inspection. The subject of the email must include the permit number and address, and the email must include the full reviewed and stamped set of landscape drawings. DPD will then follow up on that email to schedule the inspection.

Projects that have approved plans with less than a combined 3,000 sq. ft. of vehicle use area are eligible to be inspected and self-certified by the design professional for the permit. Once the design professional project completes their inspection, they or their representative must email the same email address with the address and permit number in the subject line, however the email must include the approved Landscape Drawings with the landscape examiner’s stamp, the signed, sealed, a completed DPD Landscape Self-Certified Inspection Form, and photographs showing the compliant landscape design items.

Note that if the work includes the installation of trees in the parkway, a permit must also be obtained from the Bureau of Forestry. The process for obtaining the forestry permit is detailed here.

Once the inspection process has been completed, a landscape deposit refund request should be emailed to As noted, the subject line must include the project address and permit number, and the email must include the completed Landscape Deposit Refund Request Form and the Landscape Inspection Approval Form which is provided by the City after a landscape inspection (Self-Cert or otherwise) has been completed. The refunds can then take up to 90 days to be processed.

See DPD’s website here if you would like more information regarding the landscape ordinance or inspections.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding this or any other permit process.