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Plumbing Materials Pilot Program Ending

Sep 09, 2021
Ed Feibel

The Chicago Department of Buildings has ended the Plumbing Materials Pilot Program as of September 1, 2021. No additional ACAR submissions for the process will be considered. It was noted in the announcement that DOB intends to introduce the proposed plumbing update and ordinance at some point in the fall of this year. Please feel free to review the announcement.

With the ending of this program, the use of PVC is now limited to what is permitted per CBC 18-29-702.1, which allows PVC pipe to be used for above-ground drainage and vent piping for residential buildings, 3 stories or less.

MAPS has a petition to support the new adoption of the plumbing code. Please consider signing and sharing. We are going backwards instead of forwards and we need to support the DOB’s efforts to modernize this code. The proposed expanded use of PVC can save up to 3.5% of construction costs.

At this time the update has not been introduced to the city council for review yet however we have heard from many of the Real Estate community in support of the update. We have continued with our work reaching out to members of the real estate and architecture community to raise awareness and support for the proposed ordinance.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the process and status of the proposed changes or what the proposed code updates are.