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Use MAPS' code matrix for your 2019 Chicago Building Code projects

2020 0316 Ideas Post
Mar 16, 2020
Spencer Blaney

Update: The Chicago Department of Buildings has posted its own Sample Code Compliance Matrix. The latest version can be downloaded in Word and PDF formats from the DOB’s Forms webpage under the “Standard Plan Review” heading.

Many of the architects we work alongside for mutual clients have asked us if the Chicago Department of Buildings (DOB) has released a new code matrix to coincide with the updated Chicago building code. DOB plans to create a new sample code matrix but it won’t be a mandatory format.

In the meantime, MAPS has created one to share with our community. It’s currently being reviewed by the DOB.

Why is a code matrix important?

The Chicago Plan Review Manual, distributed to architects who attended the Self-Cert training in December, is the same manual that DOB uses to train staff who will also use it as a checklist for their plan reviews.

Task 1.2, one of the initial tasks in the Review Manual, is to Check for Required Information in the Construction Documents and suggests applicants provide good code compliance documentation:

Basic Code Compliance Data - Applicants must identify and provide data to demonstrate compliance with the selected code compliance strategy on the first or second page of the construction documents. This information may be presented in the form of a matrix, a narrative, or diagrams(s), so long as all necessary information is included.

A complete and accurate code matrix can make plan reviewers’ jobs easier and potentially has fewer reviews. Further, completing the matrix at the start of a project is the best way to systematically determine code requirements for your building.

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