Lincoln Yards

The team created streamlined processes for infrastructure coordination with city agencies.

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Lincoln Yards is one of the largest developments in Chicago history, spanning 55 acres and 15 million square feet of planned development. 

MAPS was brought on to provide permit management and strategic guidance on the phased infrastructure work for both Lincoln Yards North and Lincoln Yards South.

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Sterling Bay’s Redevelopment Agreement (RDA) identifies significant infrastructure improvements:

  • New vehicular bridges at Dominick Street, Armitage Avenue, and concord Place ($160,000,000)
  • Rebuilding the intersection at Elston and Armitage Avenues ($110,000,000)
  • New roadways ($96,000,000)
  • Improvements to existing roadways ($54,000,000)
  • Riverwall improvements ($45,000,000)
  • Support of extension of The 606 ($25,000,000)
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1229 W Concord Place (designed by Gensler)

1229 W Concord

The first phase of infrastructure work included the extension of West Concord Place, riverwall improvements as part of the construction of 1229 W Concord Place, new combined sewer outfalls to the river, and the coordination of water, sewer, electric, gas, and telecommunications within new roadways. Additional public-way-of-use permits for privately owned elements in the public way were obtained. MAPS coordinated permits and necessary approval by the Alderman’s Office, Chicago Department of Transportation, Chicago Department of Planning and Development, and Chicago Department of Water Management.

As part of MAPS strategic involvement in the infrastructure phases for Lincoln Yards the team helped create streamlined processes for coordination between the lead Civil Engineer and the Office of Underground Coordination (OUC). As an integrated office within the Chicago Department of Transportation, OUC is a coordinating body of 29 reviewers across various public and private entities with infrastructure in the City’s right-of-way. Additionally, this included the management of reviews for deep elements within the right-of-way such as earth retention systems, new sewer structures, and river walls.

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Improvements to existing roadways, new vehicular bridges, rebuilt intersections, new roadways, and riverwall improvements 


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