We believe that process success and design success are symbiotic.

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Our philosophy is rooted in a team of compliance and code experts. Together, we pair architecture with complex standards and regulations to manage risk, avoid the need to redesign, and minimize delays. We wrap design and implementation into one conversation; helping clients juggle project pressures without sacrificing design quality. We call this our yes/and strategy.

Our approach throughout the design and construction process helps:

  • Contractors streamline workflows for projects that require a permit without the need for a full set of design drawings.

  • Engineers certify projects and navigate the regulatory process quickly and efficiently.

  • Designers pair architecture with code, zoning, and technical knowledge; integrating compliance and design quality early in the process.

Selected Architecture Experience

Omni Ecosystems c Omni Ecosystems 02

Omni Ecosystems

MAP Studio served as Architect-of-Record for the core and shell transformation of a warehouse. This new space supports design, research, production, and development for Omni’s five brands.

North Pond Restoration c Christopher Burke Engineering

North Pond Restoration

In collaboration with Christopher Burke Engineering, MAP Studio served as the Architect-of-Record for the restoration, which included a new playground and shade structure.

We offer architectural design, architect of record, self-certification, structural peer review, and technical review services. Our in-house expertise includes five licensed architects and three self-certified architects. 

We're equipped to take on projects of varying scales; leveraging our knowledge as compliance partners to accelerate delivery timelines. 

Our foundation is midwestern, we know how to get stuff done: “the team that works”. But our ambitions are much broader. MAP Studio is looking to disrupt the business of architecture with a focus on efficiency, design excellence, and streamlined processes. We recognize that creativity is more than an aesthetic outcome and pride ourselves on being process experts. This symbiotic relationship guarantees that our work is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also aligned with industry standards and regulations.

MAP Studio™ is a Chicago-based architecture and design firm and is a certified Women Owned Business (WBE) with Cook County, Illinois.